Welcome to Falcon Driving Academy

We are proud to say that our instructors are all RSA Approved, trained and have years of experience. Our Principal instructor is level 6 FETAC qualified, IAM, RoSPA Gold, RoSPA Diploma Driving Instructor. Highly skilled with over 15 years experience in teaching Buses, Trucks, Motor bikes, Jeep and Trailer and Car lessons  .

Eager to help, patient, understanding and still has not forgotten what it was like when he was learning to drive,  he has extraordinary talent of getting drivers to a high level in short amount of time.

He will teach you not just how to pass your test but to drive safe for life.

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Lessons we provide:

  • Theory and Off Road Motorbike Training
  • IBT Lessons Category A Motorbike Lessons
  • EDT Lessons [Essential Driver Training]
  • Jeep and Trailer lessons
  • Rigid Truck or Category C licence training
  • Advanced Driving / Motorway lessons and Gift Vouchers available

All our vehicles are available for the test hire in Mulhuddart Test Centre, Finglas Test Centre, Tallaght Test Centre.

Please give plenty of notice if looking to book the vehicle for the test

*For more information or any further queries please contact us*

Please note if you prefer a female instructor please mention it in your message.

Thank you!

Falcon Team
Tel: 353 87 18 48 333
Unit B2 Bymac Centre Northwest Business Park Dublin 15


1 hour pretest €60
1hr 30min Mock € 90
2 hour pretest € 110
EDT 12 hours € 600
Car Hire + 1 hour Mock € 160

Falcon Driving Academy has a brilliant Motorbike Training Programme One Instructor One Rider.

At Falcon Driving Academy We believe that, Motorbike Riders need to be above the rest, Motorbike Riders need to be alert and have speed of light reflexes, Motorbike Riders are in a league off their own. We don’t just train Riders to pass their test; we train them to be the best and safe on the road. So whatever your level or experience we can help. Fully Insured, RSA Registered, Member of the Driving Instructor Association.

• Theory and Off Road Training
• IBT (Initial Basic Training)
• Skill Assessments
• School Motorbikes available for test
• Advanced Training [IAM, RoSPA]
• Instructor Academy


2 hour lesson € 90
3 hour lesson € 120
Mock Test € 80
Bike hire + 1 hour lesson € 150
IBT 18 hours € 580
16 hours € 480
11 hours € 330

At Falcon Driving Academy we don’t do average, we promote safety. Passing the test does not mean you are  finished learning. Passing the test means you are at a minimum required standard to be allowed on the road  as a driver. We encourage and urge drivers to do an advanced test to prove to them self’s that they are good  drivers. Institute of Advanced Motorists and The Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents offer testing and certification for under 100 euro. Testing is done in many different locations in Dublin at a time that suits you.

We offer Training at the same rate as normal Car Lessons, wanting to become a better driver should not cost extra. Our Managing Director and Chief Instructor will prepare you for this test. When you pass you will get a certificate and will become a member of IAM or and RoSAP, you will get a membership card, cheaper  insurance, and a piece of mind that you and your loved ones are safe when you are driving…

Call or Text: 087 18 48 333 / Email:


Advanced lesson 2 hour € 70
Instructor Training 4 hour € 140

To tow anything over 750 kg you must hold a B+E driving licence.
If you are planing on towing Horse boxes, Caravans, Car Transporting Trailers etc you will need a B+E licence.
Falcon Driving Academy provides full training and vehicle hire for the official test.

We also do group packages. 


1 hour lesson €50
2 hour lesson €95
Mock test €80
Jeep Hire + 1 hour €150

Rigid Truck Lessons(Price)

1 hour lesson €70
2 hour lesson €120
Mock test €110
Truck hire + 1 hour lesson €210